Analysis Of Sam Smith 's Lay Me Down

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Name: Ngan Thu Bui SID#: 0860066 Class: Introduction to Argumentation (COMS-40) Song Analysis Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” is one of my favorite Sam Smith songs. His album is full of masterpieces, but I prefer this song. “Lay Me Down” does not only have an attractive melody but it also implies meaningful messages through its lyrics and music video. Smith delivers the song with such heart and experiences. This allows the audience to relate to the lyrics. This paper will analyze my perception of this song by covering three main points: Providing some information about the song, identifying the surface-level meaning of the song, and lastly I’ll go deeper in analyzing the arguments behind this piece of art. “Lay Me Down” is a song presented by…show more content…
There is no challenging vocabulary and as I listen to it, I can feel his heart is falling apart. The lyrics strongly emphasize his emptiness by combining the metaphor methodology and his sincere feelings. His lyrics, “The moon and the stars are nothing without you,” and “Deny this emptiness. This hole that I’m inside.” both employ metaphor methodology. The rest of the song focuses on expressing his passionate affection. For instance, “No words can explain the way I’m missing you,” “But the feeling’s overwhelming, it’s much too strong,” and “This hurt that I’ve been through. I’m missing you, missing you like crazy.” Besides the pathos, he also showed an unconditional love for his lover, so it seems he still holds a strong hope for his love. Every song tends to have a surface-level meaning and a deep meaning. In this song, what is highlighted most is the belief and hope for equality. In order to understand Smith’s message profoundly, we ought to analyze the “Stay With Me” music video. When Smith re-released this song in 2015, he also released a music video. The music video took place in a St Margaret 's Church, Lee, South East London and was directed by Ryan Hope. It started with Smith sitting at the church attending a funeral, and then standing in front of a coffin. The scene was full of sadness and sorrow. Two-thirds through the music video, the beat started to get faster and the scenery changed into a gay wedding in the

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