Analysis Of Sanford Meisner On Acting

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In his book Sanford Meisner On Acting, Meisner teaches students in his class the techniques needed in acting. The book is written in a way that is enjoyable to the reader because it is written in third person, where an observer writes about what occurred in the class among Meisner and his students. In the book, Meisner teaches the students about the importance of being genuine; they should stop pretending and they should stop being polite. They should rather just do what feels genuine to them. I liked that the book was written based on observed experiences and not just laying down the acting techniques for readers to follow. By reading about the experiences, I felt as though I was in the class with Meisner and this enabled me to understand the techniques better. The first things that caught my eye from the book are the principles Meisner gives his students. On the topic “The Pinch and The Touch”, he says, “Don’t do anything unless something makes you do it…what you do doesn’t depend on you: it depends on the other fellow” (Meisner 34). He goes further to illustrate the two principles by pinching John, one of his students, who reacts by shouting “Mr. Meisner!” The principles caught my eye because I have heard my acting professor constantly tell us the same thing. He always says that we should have an objective of why we are choosing to do a certain action and our actions should be driven by what our partner does or says. I liked his way of illustrating the principles
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