Analysis Of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

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The song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is a very happy and cheerful song that is played during the month of December to bring out the Christmas spirit in people. The history behind it is how two men got their big break and made one of the most played Christmas songs of all time. The song was originally written by John Frederick Coots and composed by Haven Gillespie on October 1933. Gillespie was in charge of expressing his gift of writing children's song lyrics while Coots came up with the tune that caught the attention of young children. The two came up with the song while riding a subway car in New York. The two men had a masterpiece in their hands, but needed someone to produce it. Many artists passed on the song because they didn’t believe the it would hit big on the charts and would be difficult to sell, especially since it was a song for kids. Coots at the time was a writer for Eddie Cantor and tried to persuade him to sing the song live on his radio station. Cantor was undecided on whether to sing it, but his wife eventually convinced him to give the song a chance. He ended up performing it live on November 1934 on his radio station and brought huge publicity to the song. After it was aired on the radio station, the song blew up. People from all over were requesting to hear the song over and over again. It sold over 400,00 copies and 300,00 of those were sold within the first 24 hours. The song made the writers millionaires with hundreds of copies being sold. It
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