Analysis Of `` Sapphire 's Novel `` Push ``

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Sapphire uses language to control how readers react the her novel Push, she attempts to impose feelings of anger, helplessness, and hope onto her readers. The story follows Precious through two years of her life, during which she experience all the emotions that Sapphire imposes on the reader. This is to make readers empathize with Precious. Sapphire carefully chooses her words, using specially chosen phrases at certain integral points in the novel. By doing so, she gives each word significant meaning. Her language usage emphasizes Precious’ intelligence, something that is continually questioned throughout the novel. Precious is often reduced to a stereotype by her mother and social worker, but Sapphire chooses language that not only…show more content…
Precious still believes in love and home, though it is possible that she has never been shown love, and may have never felt as though she had a home. She knows what love is, and that she feels it for her child. Precious has not let her circumstances dictate her future, she is refusing to become just another stereotype. Sapphire illustrates this conviction by the line “ [l]isten baby, Muver love you. Muver not dumb” (Sapphire 66). Given that fuck is the only word spelled correctly in Precious’ alphabet, it most likely has an important meaning in her life. Fuck, as an adjective is usually used to express strong, often negative, emotion. Precious uses it frequently throughout both the narrative and her journal entries, it is reasonable to assume she cannot easily express her emotions, and therefore resorts to profanities. Fuck is not a word usually taught in school, and it is unlikely that Precious’ parents taught her how to spell much of anything; therefore Precious most likely learned how to spell the word from graffiti, which further illustrates the conditions in which Precious grew up. Even though she has spelled nothing else in her alphabet correctly, Precious knows how to spell fuck and how to use it correctly in all matters of speech. Sapphire uses fuck to demonstrate Precious’ internalized negative emotions. Using fuck as a verb indicates the act of having sex, though it is being expressed in a lewd manner. To say “fucking” rather

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