Analysis Of Sarah Novak 's ' Hello. '

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Hello. Today I am going to tell you about my character. It is actually 3 characters that are the same person. However, the main one is Sarah Novak. Sarah is currently a creative writer for WWE. However, she is also a villain that breaks into WWE Headquarters late at night to find Vince McMahon 's secret formula to run WWE into the ground. Sarah goes by "The Styler" when she is a villain. Sarah also happens to be a WWE Diva in training. She goes by the ring name "Rosalina Bell". Here is an in depth look into her life.

Sarah Novak grew up in Orlando Florida. She lived with her parents, Jean and Scott Novak, and her brother, Luke Master. They always watched WWE. Sarah was friends with a lot of people that also loved WWE. She was friends with Aeria Stuart, April Brooks, Nicole Garcia-Colace, Brianna Danielson, Colby Lopez, and Jonathan Good. Sometimes, all of them would get together and ride their bikes to school. The WWE Performance Center was on their way to school. Sarah always dreamed that she would get to go there someday.

Sarah was not only a gifted athlete, but she was extremely smart as a child. She always got As and Bs in all of her classes. On top of that, she went to a highly prestigious high school known as Vincent K. McMahon high school. Only students chosen by Vince McMahon could go there. Sarah was so happy. All of her friends got to go there too. The school had it 's normal classes, but there were also some other classes too. Business and Creative Writing

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