Analysis Of Saving Private Ryan

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Saving Private Ryan is a film based on a true story that follows eight soldiers on their mission to save one man. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this Oscar winning World War II film is based on the Niland brothers who were members of the US Army during World War II. Three of the four brothers were killed in action leaving one brother, who was promptly shipped back to their family, so they would not lose all of their sons. Likewise, Saving Private Ryan is based on a squad that is searching for the last surviving brother of four from the Ryan family. The movie follows eight Rangers, led by Captain Miller as they go deep into enemy lines in an attempt to save this Private Ryan, assuming that he was still alive. Throughout the film the soldiers constantly complain and contemplate whether the mission was worth risking their lives for, and challenges the viewers to do the same. In addition, Spielberg continues to challenge the viewers by ‘throwing some wrenches’ into the plot, leaving the viewers with mixed emotions. Before finding Ryan, the squad loses two soldiers to enemy fire and has an encounter with a German soldier that puts the theme of humanity to the test. By the end of the film six out of the eight Rangers were killed trying to save Ryan, including Captain Miller. The film explores many themes and allows the viewers to decide whether the sacrifice and mission was worth it. One of the four warrior ethos of the US Army is, “I will always place the mission first,” in the
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