Analysis Of Schiele 's Other Self Portrait

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In Schiele’s other self-portrait cataloged here Squatting Man (Self-Portrait), Schiele confronts the viewer. It is the first image seen here that actually makes contact with the viewer. The eyes which are often seen as the mirror to the soul stare back at the viewer in a challenging and unashamed way. The position the figure is in is also one that alludes to birth as did his Nude Self-Portrait, the colors here are a blend of cooler colors – browns, blues and grays fill in the figures body which is one of the only full body self-portraits done of Schiele himself. The blend of purples, blues, and browns here could evoke a sense of death or a decaying/ sick person or corpse. Also the colors can be associated with bruising on the skin. There is an undertone of questioning of sexuality here as Schiele draws himself squatting a position that is not usually seen as masculine in nature. His head is tilted to one side as well almost in a questioning and unsure posture as his hands are folded over the lower part of his naked form concealing his manhood. The squatting position is also associated with release through the form of using the bathroom which could have something to do with the colors of brown used here . “It has been noted that frontal self-portraits possess a healing function for artists in times of crisis and transition”. Schiele who does a series of paintings and self-portraits in a crouching position (this one being one of the first) uses this crouching position to talk…
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