Schleiermacher On Religion

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Within the following essay we shall be considering the given extract from Schleiermacher 's ‘On Religion; speeches to its cultured despisers’’, which comes from the fifth speech within the text.
Schleiermacher’s fifth and final speech explores the range of religions presentations viewed across the world and how this impacts the idea of the plurality of God. not only this by in his conclusion Schleiermacher puts forward the idea that Christianity can be viewed as separate from all other religions as the most accurate form of religion.

Within the given extract Schleiermacher’s account of Christianity is outlined as well as discussions on why exactly he believes it to be the most successful form of religion. While the following essay will …show more content…

Meaning that religion is “feeling which gives reality to knowledge and substance to morals” (Schleiermacher, introduction), this is important because it shows that what Schleiermacher values in a religion is that it adequately acts as intuition towards the infinite.

What is important is that Schleiermacher really doesn 't consider religion in the traditional sense, he believes that God is the world itself, and so everything we are involved in and everything that is the world is religion. He goes as far as to say that a miracle is not a break in natural law, instead, it is just an event viewed from a religious standing, rather than a scientific one. Because Schleiermacher ultimately views that religion and science are both aiming at the same infinite, and to hold a scientific belief over a religious one is simply a difference in perspective.

Now that we have seen what it is Schleiermacher sees religion is and why he values it as a whole, we can consider why he values Christianity specifically. Schleiermacher values Christianity as a form of religion because the heart of Christianity is transcendence, wanting us all to be individual from the world. “The original intuition of Christianity is more glorious, more sublime, more worthy of adult humanity, more deeply penetrating into the spirit of systematic religion, and extending farther over the whole universe”

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