Analysis Of School Is Bad For Children By John Holt

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School Matters
“The child soon learns not to ask questions - the teacher is not there to satisfy his curiosity” (Holt 73). This is what John Holt thinks the American education system is all about. He thinks that school is a place where individuality and creativity come to die. He wrote an essay that explains his belief further that is titled, “School is bad for Children.” Holt uses several rhetorical devices and logical fallacies such as generalizations - stereotypes, making assumptions, and “either or fallacy” that weakens his argument.
One element that diminishes Holt’s essay is generalizations. He attempts to use generalizations to make it appear as though school is an evil place that needs to be saved. For instance, he says,
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He makes the assumption that every single child who enters into a school building does what he calls, “goldbricking.” “Goldbricking” is when someone takes a finished product without doing any of the real work. In this case, it means one student is getting information from a teacher or another student without doing the extra work of actually understanding the lesson. It is true that some students do “goldbrick” however, the majority do not. Most kids in school want to excel and understand what they are being taught because they recognize that getting an education will affect their lives greatly. These kinds of kids know that what they do in school will eventually lead them to a college, which will then lead them to a career, that career will determine how much income they make, which will determine if they can provide for themselves and for their families. In other words, school helps establish how the rest of your life will turn out. Holt also makes the assumption that school is a place that forces kids to think less of themselves, and where the individuality of a person recedes to the back of their mind. All they have to do is enter the building. He states, “In a great many other ways [the student] learns that [they are] worthless, untrustworthy, fit only to
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