Analysis Of School Uniforms

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Chapter Nine Two weeks until the Festival, and Red was feeling more abysmal than ever. She did manage to perk up for a while during lunchtime. Mondays were her favorite. Lunch was Southwestern Taco Salad and as usual, got an extra helping of corn in hers. The lunch staff, feeling generous, offered a special treat. For an extra fifty cents, you could upgrade from a six-ounce carton of milk to a twelve-ounce refillable cup of lemonade. She was behind Sherri in the lunch line and she had on another amazing new uniform sweater vest. “Oh my swirls, Sherri! Where are you getting these vests? They are so pretty and the detail is amazing!” Red gently touched the decorated hem of the vest so not to mess it up. “Thank you bestie! My mother and my…show more content…
“It isn’t your fault Sherri, you don’t have to be sorry. I know everything will get better. Hold on. I’m getting a fountain drink today, but I can’t find the tops. Ugh. Swirls. You’d think that they would re-stock the tops around here. Oh well. Let’s just find a seat. “Look Red, there is a table over in the solarium with Gary and Sam.” Red noticed that they had to pass the table the twins sat at to get to the solarium. “Maybe somewhere else? It might be really hot in there with the sun beaming in.” “Oh they got a great spot near the garden. There are plenty of trees on that side, it shouldn’t be too hot.” Sherri started off to her left around a pillar. As soon as Red passed it, she saw a shoe all too late to avoid it. She yelped, as she tripped, causing Sherri to stop and turn around to see what was wrong. Everything happened quickly, but Red felt as if she had been trapped in a time warp. Red tried to keep her tray balanced, but it was no use. Her hand grasped her lemonade cup too tightly and the lemonade splashed all over Sherri’s sweater and tray, as she hit the floor with a crash that echoed across the cafeteria. Her food scattered over the floor. There was an awkward silence and then a roar of laughter from the table to her left. She stood up to apologize, but Sherri’s face was a deep crimson. “This is my brand new sweater! And now it is

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