Analysis Of Schulich School Of Business

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Schulich School of Business, is one of the most contending business schools across the countries. Schulich creates an environment that helps students to build profound business skills, as well as to establish strong personal connections for the future. The prominent professors, and the consolidated program of Schulich guide students to be competitive in the real business world. Managing Contemporary Enterprise, also known as MGMT 1000, is a course taught by Dr. Jean Adams that help students to be better leader of our society. The two main points discussed along the course are how to correctly fit ourselves along the developing world of technology: The Office 2020, and how to improve the soft skills. NewMindset and Epub are the valuable online course materials that aid students to enhance understandings on developing the business skills, and to become a better member of society.

Soft-Skills “The Learning Triangle” (Adams, 2004)
Soft-skills guide us to the path where we want to head toward, and help become a better member of the future business world. The soft-skills learning triangle developed by Dr. Jean Adams illustrates the interactivity among the three factors: the learner, context, and content. Dr. Jean Adams pointed out that the soft-skills cannot only be developed by the “book learning”, but also a real-life experience should come along to actually apply the skills and learn further from it. Thus, seeking for both the theory and the real-life experience is…
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