Analysis Of Scott Elliott 's Case

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Milburn Scott Elliott Deposition Milburn Scott Elliott is the sole owner of Elliott Construction. He is the father of Ben Elliott, the competent person on the job site on the date of the incident. He has a high school education and has worked in the construction industry for 30 years. Mr. Elliott has completed competent person training at least 2 or 3 times. As of May 2013, he had completed one competent person training, 4 or 5 years prior. Mr. Elliott is not a strong witness. He is unfamiliar with OSHA regulations, including OSHA regulations requiring consultation with a registered professional engineer when the excavation exceeded 20 feet. He is not familiar with tabulated data Mr. Elliott also admitted that he did not ask anyone from NTS to be there for the removal or ask for an instruction manual. He also didn’t get a trench safety plan, admitted to not complying with the requirements of the contract with the city of Bryan, and did not conduct an investigation after the incident. He did not know what ANSI was. He never reviewed the excavation policy. He does not know what NIOSH is. When they got the bid with the City of Bryan, they have to go through the contract processes, get bonds, go through city council, and have a preconstruction meeting with the “city guys”, inspectors, project managers, and probably an engineer. A term of the bid contract between Elliott Construction and the City of Bryan, was that they submit a trench safety plan. It wasn’t
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