Analysis Of `` Sea Of Faith `` By John Brehm

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Defined as a complete trust in people, faith prevails as an essential quality for the development of interpersonal and personal connections. Accordingly, John Brehm, author of “Sea of Faith,” illustrates a scholar experience in a freshman class. A teacher, which the reader implies as Brehm himself, becomes irritated at the lack of knowledge in his students at such a simple topic: figurative language. Disgruntled at the question he begins to examine the significance behind it. Ultimately, after self-examination, he comes to understand the young lady who posed the question that annoyed him (1000). Through the use of literary devices such as personification, tone, and comparison: the author illustrates the changing perspective and ultimate connection the teacher makes with the students as he realizes the positivity that arises from faith.
In “Sea of Faith,” Brehm uses the personification to develop a personality for the symbol of the sea, literally a very powerful hunk of water, in order to exemplify the power of faith to convey positivity. “The Sea of Ignorance”, personified as the lack of faith, serves as a descriptor to the ultimate power ignorance can have on a person and the negativity that arises from it, describing “The Sea of Ignorance” as something a person drowns in. The reluctance to speak his mind makes the teacher ignorant due to the fact that he doubts his thoughts, leading to a hindered relationship with his students. If one processes ignorant, one lacks the…
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