Analysis Of Seane Corn 's Podcast

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Brief Review
Seane Corn’s podcast was two-fold: educational and invigorating. Hearing her talk about her journey to happiness is a true testimonial to naysayers who are having doubts about the positive effects of yoga. Corn’s journey to happiness, as she conveyed, was not an easy one. She had to clamber her way from an unsettled place as a child growing up in unstable home. She explained how her blue-collar working class parents raised her in an environment where religious practices were not present and how, as a little girl, she thought of herself as “uneducated.” She abused drugs and the tender age of 19 was diagnosed with “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” She even suffered from an anxiety disorder but these dark episodes of her life eventually led to healing and happiness once she discovered yoga.

Body Prayer
One of the big ideas in the Corne’s narrative that would be a foreign concept to many is “Body Prayer through yoga.” In a nutshell, Corne’s says one can use positions of one’s body as a way as an actively pray for others. For example, positioning your hands in an upward position during meditations could be a form of sending prayers God in the heavens. As I reflect on body prayer, I feel it would not be wise to guide school age children in body prayer but for me personally, I can see how impactful it could be in my life. I am a spiritual person who believes in the power prayer. I believe that God created all things, mind, body and soul, and these three areas could…
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