Analysis Of Seaworld And San Diego

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Summary SeaWorld in San Diego, California recently announced its facility has plans to phase out its killer whale shows. This decision is what PETA and other oppositions of SeaWorld has been seeking, but there is no news of ending these shows at their Orlando and San Antonio locations. There is Federal legislation in the works to ban orca breeding, importing and exporting them for public display. This legislation is called the Orca Act and is still in its early stages of proposal. Passing of the Orca Act would most likely be the only way Orlando would stop its killer whale shows.
Shareholders: SeaWorld’s shareholders have seen a steady decline in revenues over the past couple years, mainly because of the controversy associated with their killer whales shows. Not continuing these steps in Orlando or San Antonio, will continue to decrease revenue.
Killer Whales: It is not natural for killer whales to perform shows and interact with humans. Stopping these shows in San Diego will allow them to live more relaxed and more natural.
PETA: This is a small victory for PETA in its efforts against SeaWorld. With this decision, PETA will continue to push SeaWorld for more animal rights and stoppage of using animals for entertainment.
Employees: Jobs within the San Diego facility with be shifted or cut. The need for animal trainers and performers will be cut. The “face of the company” employees at SeaWorld also get asked the most questions and sometimes

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