Analysis Of Seeing And Making Culture : Representing The Poor By Bell Hooks

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In Bell Hooks’, “Seeing and Making Culture: Representing the Poor”, Hooks introduces the reader to the state of poverty of many individuals that have to suffer because they are unable to live a normal life due to them being extremely poor and uneducated. She stresses about comparing the higher class people to the poor and how different their lives are in terms of survival rates and healthiness. The higher class people tend to be way healthier and survive longer due to them having many ways of treating their problems, while the poor have absolutely no way of paying their medical bills due to their low income. She makes many valid points referring back and forth to different stereotypes of people (mainly black people) and how each of those…show more content…
This can also be compared to how many immigrants from underdeveloped countries such as China immigrate to America in order for their kids to have a better life when they grow up. Many parents struggle financially in today’s world which forces them to make decisions that will impact their kids’ lives tremendously. It will pretty much set a specific route that the kids will have to pursue until they grow up and have their own ideas of how to become successful. In the essay, Hooks does not mention how the lives of poor are portrayed in today’s society, instead she talks about the rough times during the 20th century. Many movie companies and industries have made millions of dollars off of movies that portray poor people, because many individuals prefer to relive the times when they were either poor, or disliked by the society as a whole. There are many movies such as Pretty Woman which “is a perfect example of a film that made huge sums of money portraying the poor in this light” (Hooks, 486). Hooks perceives this as a very good way of making profit, but does mention that the poor should not be devalued by the society this way, and should be treated differently with respect. The way the companies portray the poor in the movies is the way the higher and middle class people will view the poor. All the individuals that attend the movie will essentially be brainwashed into thinking that every poor person has
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