Analysis Of Seitoshi No Tani : The Valley Of Life And Death

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Seitoshi no tani
(The Valley of Life and Death)

As the days passed by I made only a little progress in my endeavors trying to contact the others was a nightmare especially because of the constant patrols near the cells and if any loud noise was made near them the guards would come running to see the commotion and search the cells. It seems that these Cultists have experience dealing with breakouts before which made them all the more dangerous, but I had learned the names of the 2 people next to me they were Aleala Wolf and Baldwin Rorick. Even though I wanted to escape with the others there was the pull of the Cultists offer I could have a home… a family once again, I would be free. But what about the others? Would they rot in these cells, Die by the hands of these Cultists? This was the one chance to do what I had not those long months ago to not run away In times of need, to not lose everyone I ever knew in a blaze of fire and death. But the pull of the offer of a new life was tempting but I was no fool… The offer I make will stick forever there’s no going back either to
Live the life of a regular cultist to be semi normal or normal in it’s own right or to risk everything to get out and to start anew, the choices I will have to make … as he drifted to sleep on the cold stone floor.

Is it the next morning, evening, afternoon? I had lost track of time as there was no light other than the torches lit above and in every cell and in the darkness of the corridors the voices… it could have been weeks,months, or even years No! I have to keep it together and never fall back to the dark place or every hope, dream,and future of every other person in these cells is lost. As I cleared my mind a voice startled me out of my mind

“You want out?” Said a softer voice

“Uhh…” said Kanji as he turned to see a pale girl

“I never wanted to be here… to become this but I was imprisoned just like you in a cell watching everyone around me being slaughtered I had no other option so I submitted and here I am.” Said the girl

“I'm so sorry for your losses”. Kanji is knowing the feeling

“But I doubt you wanted to hear my sad story so I’ll cut to the

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