Analysis Of Serge Schumann 's ' 9 / 11 '

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September 11th, 2001 is a date that will be forever remembered by many. It was one of the most terrifying and horrendous days ever experienced in the United States. Just this one event impacted every American, as well as effected others all over the world in some type of traumatic way. Best known as, 9/11. It marked a time that changed society forever instantly.

During the morning of 9/11, everyone thought it would just be a normal day, however, four airliners were hijacked and planes were under attack by terrorists. One plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, another in Pentagon, and the last two planes hit the Twin Towers of New York City. In that moment more than two thousand lives were quickly taken, leaving families and friends devastated. This horrible incident touched so many lives around the world. New York times published the most popular article about 9/11. Serge Schumann the author of this well known piece, interrupted the tragic crisis through ethos, logos, and mainly pathos.

Ethos can be demonstrated by the credibility of the writer.In this case the author Serge Schuman, repeatedly and successfully proves his reliability in many ways throughout his 9/11 exposition. Ethos is first introduced in this article by gaining the readers trust. This is accomplished by explaining the information of this catastrophe in great detail, along with sharing statistics to back up the given information. He uses specific details such as giving flight numbers,

rankings, times,…
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