Analysis Of `` Sexy By Jhumpa Lahiri ``

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Fifty Shades of Sexy Rite of passage is defined as a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another. In the story Sexy by Jhumpa Lahiri, the main protagonist is Miranda who is in search of a home. Miranda lives in a big city where her ethnicity is the majority, but she finds solace in an Indian race. Miranda will soon learn love doesn’t constitute acceptance, or self-worth. The word sexy is the catalyst of the story and without the expression of the definition, Miranda would still be the other woman. This would indirectly make Miranda move from dependent to independent making herself the girl in a big city the can navigate her life with a good conscience. Sexy represents a world where sex and love do not correlate. “He propped her feet on top of his shoulders and pressed her knees to her chest and said he couldn’t get enough of her” (Lahiri 85).The intimate setting suggest that sex may be the root of all evil. The whole story revolves around the idea of sex as a nature of need and not want. Dev throughout the entire story gives the reader a sense of discomfort because he needs Miranda but he doesn’t want her. He already has someone who he wants, his wife. Miranda wants to be loved so bad that the slightest attention from the opposite sex can alter someone’s actions. Miranda’s whole world revolves around the thought of her and Dev’s next sexcapade. Within days of being together Miranda is dependent on Dev and his culture becomes her culture. “A

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