Analysis Of Sexy By Jhumpa Lahiri

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“Sexy” is a short story written by Jhumpa Lahiri with the intentions to show the reader how the decisions of one-person can influence others. It starts off with Miranda and Laxmi in their workplace talking about Laxmi’s cousins husband having an affair. Miranda ends up hiding the fact that she is also involved with a married man. Dev, whom she is having an affair with calls her sexy and she is seduced by this. Laxmi’s cousin and son come to town and Miranda ends up watching the young boy. The young boy named Rohin ends up snooping around Miranda’s house and finds the clothing she bought thinking it would make her more like a mistress. He asks her to try on the dress and proceeds to call her sexy. By the end of the story Miranda has learned the difference in love and lust and how the affair she is having is nothing but lust. This teaches her that she can live without the affair and that it is better for her to be single than to possible affect other people lives by her own wrong doing. Dev calls Miranda sexy when they are standing in the Mapparium. She is seduced by him saying this and think he really means it. Dev does not recall saying she was sexy and she gets the impression that that moment was unimportant to him. She goes and buys what she would assumes a mistress would wear to try and impress him so he would think she was sexy. He ends up coming to her house once a week on Sundays to see her, he tells his wife he is going for a run. Dev shows up to Miranda’s house in

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