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In the book Shadow of the Banyan, it follows the main characters of the story through the revolution in cambodia that takes place after the Vietnam war. During the revolution, soldiers force Cambodian people from their homes and out of their towns and tells them to leave because Americans are going to bomb. In the book this happens to the main character Rammi and her family. As you read Shadow of the bayan the characters grow and adapt to what their lives have become. Rammi is seven in the beginning of the book and is the main character and also the narrator you see the story through Rammis eyes. In the first chapter of the story Rammi is living a pretty normal sheltered life in her royal home. Rammis family who she lives with and sees…show more content…
”Among them was the old man who had thrown himself to the ground weeping, and as he shuffled past, moving along with the throng toward the school buildings, I noticed a bamboo flute tucked in the kroma around his waist. When he caught sight of the stupa and the surroundings cheddys, he let out another despairing sob. Poor man mr. virlak said, shaking his head. His wife suffered an asthma attack and died on the journey.”(P.G 89,90).More and more death is entering Rammis life and she cannot escape it as it slowly becomes a permanent fear of death and loss of loved ones. This develops her as a character because she witnessed others and their losses quite frequently. For example it says in chapter 12 (P.G 123) “It happened in half a breath. One moment he was alive and the next still, his silhouette faint on the straw mat, more like an incomplete thought a tracery, than an actual person. It seemed no one expected him to die. It was just fever, everyone said. He should've gotten over it. But i'd known since that day Mr. virak arrived at the temple and I first laid eyes on the delicate form beneath the folds of his wife's kroma, like a partially unwrapped parcel their baby was more spirit than flesh.” .Rammi starts thinking about how the baby was not ready for death and that it was too soon. This shows the character development from the beginning of the story by making Rammi less sensitive to death . As they book continues Rammi, Mama and Radana are all

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