Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”, through the play Hamlet, Shakespeare conveys this same sentiment as the protagonist suffers the dire consequences of attempting to avenge his father’s death. By seeking revenge to those who have wronged to you, only leads to a greater division with both sides becoming “blind” which results in a constant circle of hatred. In the play “Hamlet”, there are several encounters where prince Hamlet uses revenge “ taking an eye”,after his father’s death in order to avenge him. Due to his vengeful mindset, Hamlet fails to realize the aftermath of his retaliating manner which eventually causes the world to become “blind”. As the plot unfolds, the theme of revenge leads to several problems, a prime example being the fighting scene of Act V, scene ii, where Claudius challenges Hamlet in a fencing duel with Laertes. Ultimately the fencing match becomes a total blood bath, ending several lives lost all because of people 's problematic need for seeking justice and vengeance. Consequently the story becomes a cycle of killing one another by exchanging “an eye for an eye”. As a result, revenge, lying, and killing “makes the world become blind” because it only produces even more vengeance, death and suffering and it cannot alter the past. In Act V, scene ii, people begin to die one by one due to the pursuit of vengefulness. Before the fighting scene occurred, Claudius and Laertes plotted to murder
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