Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Antigone vs. Hamlet Hamlet is a play that has been interpreted in many different ways over the years. There have been many different movies, and even movies that take the plot of Hamlet. Hamlet is a very unique character, and throughout the play, the reader is able to see how unstable he actually is. The same thing can be said about Antigone. She is so dead bent on giving her brother the proper burial rights he deserves. Hamlet was furious by the fact that his uncle killed his father, and Antigone was very upset by Kreon, because he did not allow her to give her brother a proper burial. Both of these characters have a lot of the same issues, but they also have many different ones. In all that goes on throughout both plays, they both revolve around pagan culture. The play Hamlet is based around the events in Hamlet’s life. Hamlet is the son of the King and Gertrude. At the beginning of the play, the King is killed by his brother Claudius. Claudius than quickly marries Queen Gertrude to obtain the throne. These all cause issues with Hamlet. At first he is just upset at the fact that Gertrude married so quickly, and did not give much time to remorse about the death of the king. This is until he finds out that his father was killed by his uncle, and his uncle had stolen the throne from him. Hamlet was known before all of these issues to already be a short fuse. He had threatened to kill himself several times, and he would have random spurts of rage. Hamlet was filled with so
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