Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth At The Arden Theatre '

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I was fortunate enough to see Macbeth at the Arden Theatre Company twice during its month long run. After seeing both performances at different times run of the show I definitely felt like there was a major difference between both. This was mainly due to the fact that after having through a few performances the show felt a lot smoother the second time around. The company was faced with a challenge of the putting the show together having only three weeks of rehearsals before their first preview performance. It is rare for a professional production to rehearse for less than four weeks. Because of the scheduling and time constraints of the artistic team and some of the actors, rehearsals were forced to move to a shorter timeframe. After seeing the show in two different stages of the run I believe that preview performances are vital to the success of a show. The first time I saw the show I noticed that during certain parts the connection between the run crew and the actors did not come together. For instance, at the top of the show when the witches are on stage a sound cue is supposed to play at the end of the scene to signal the transition. It was obvious from watching it that the sound cue was also a cue for the three actors to leave the stage and signal for the actors on standby to enter for their next scene. However, during this time the witches finished their line but waited for their exit because the sound cue did not play. After realizing the failed cue the witches
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