Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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Gielarowiec 1 Paula Gielarowiec English 4A Mrs. Mastrokyriakos Macbeth Essay 1 March, 2013 Women in Macbeth For many years now women have always been slaves towards men. Always doing everything for them. Cooking, cleaning, and taking orders. But that is slowly changing. Everything slowly changes even people. People become more deranged over time. Shakespeare is one of the writers thats shows that in his plays. One of his plays is based on murder and irresponsible choices. The characters in the play experience the most devastating events which some of them lead to suicide. A few characters become a little deranged, most of them were women. Throughout the play The Tragedy of Macbeth William Shakespeare analyzes the characteristics of…show more content…
She starts sleep walking and she is caught trying to desperately wash her hands because she has the invisible blood stain on them from the murder of Duncan. She even starts talking to them by saying ' ' Out, damned spot out, I say ' ' – Lady Macbeth 5.1.31. More and more guilt starts building up inside of her. Then at the end she actually kills herself. She became weak and could not deal with the choice she made. Lady Macduff is another women who played a part in the play. She was left alone in the play by Macduff. Her husband who is named Macduff never ran away for her and their children, he actually just left to search for Malcolm so he could help concur Macbeth the protagonist in the story. His wife thought that Macduff was a coward, that he just left her and his children and acted dishonestly. Her son said that the world is full of dishonest people. Her son asked her ' 'How will you do for a husband ? ' ' Lady Macduff replied to her son by saying ' ' Why, I can buy me twenty at any market ! ' ' - Lady Macduff and her son 5.1.39-40. All she said was that she will find a new one. She just jumped to conclusion. She should have thought differently of her husband and not calling him a dishonest person. He actually left for a good reason. At the end of the act Lady Macduff gets killed and so do the children. Just by being through a lot she made the wrong choice and just
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