Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Haimon and Iago This is a story of two men, from two very different walks of life. Their names – Iago and Haimon. Iago being the older of the two, a seasoned soldier and right hand man to general Othello of Venice, was known for his “honesty” and “wisdom”. The younger, Prince Haimon son of King Creon, wise beyond his years, highly compassionate, and active. One man used his mind for positive purposes, and the other for negative. The differences in these characters and their actions, show that man has the capacity for great good, or powerful evil. Our story takes place in a realm between life and death, two restless souls encounter one another in search of eternal rest. A silent and bitter, Iago is approached by the heartbroken and…show more content…
He also, began to explain the reason behind his father’s law. Haimon: …forbidding anyone to show any respect or compassion for "Polyneices, who broke his exile to come back with fire and sword against his native city and the shrines of his fathers ' gods –(Sophocles 473)”. Iago: I do not care for your troubles child, have you not noticed I am also dead?! Though, it does seem quite an unreasonable law, even on the battlefield, the time is taken to bury those fallen in action out of respect for their bravery. Haimon: So then you agree with me? Iago: I have made no such judgement, I have only spoken of my own experiences in battle. Haimon: Well, after his decision I attempted to persuade him though love and compassion, to rethink his law, and show mercy to Antigone and heed the regards of the people of his kingdom. Iago: And how did your father respond? Haimon: *Dramatic pause* He locked her away in a tomb… the man whom I trusted most, betrayed me and caused the death of my bride-to-be. Iago: *Silence* Haimon: “Let her find her husband in hell!” he said to me (483). It was at this moment I took my leave, never to return. “…you will never see my face again” (485). Were my exact words. Iago: Your father did what he saw fit to be right in the situation, if he were to make exceptions then his word would be nothing! Haimon: You sound
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