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Shania Jackson is considering opening a Christian coffeehouse close to Denver Colorado. Her lawyer’s mission is to provide legal advice to include a spiritual outlook when considering how to best assist Shania in launching her new business endeavor. First, Shania will be shown the various business forms available and then ultimately be given advice on which form could best suites her goals. Next, her lawyer will discuss with her whether or not she should pursue an independent or franchise business option. Then, her lawyer will also take a look at the name she’s considering for her coffeehouse “The Gathering Place”. Finally, from a Christian stand point, her lawyer will provide Shania with some advice on whom she should include or not…show more content…
(Kubasek et. al, 2016). Shania’s lawyer advises her although this may be an easy option it comes with a costly price and high liability. Partnership According to the (UPA (1997) (Amended 2013), when two people agree to share the control of a business and split the profits then a partnership has been formed (p. 11). Advantages are: creation is easy, income is personal income and losses can be deducted from taxes. Disadvantage: Each partner is personally liable for all losses, to include those of your partner (Kubasek et. al, 2016, p. 442). Shania’s lawyer points out here that in order for a standard partnership to work her husband would have to agree to accept personal liability for the debts of the partnership which isn’t in-line with his wishes. However, the lawyer informs Shania of a special type of partnership known as “limited partners. According to (Kubasek et. al), a limited partnership is established when the general and limited partner have an agreement. The limited partner’s role is to be simply a capitol investor and they have no liability for the partnership (2016). Shania’s lawyer tells her in this type of partnership the limited partner pays taxes on their share of the business profit but has no involvement in the management of the business. This option falls in line with Shania’s husbands wishes to only be an investor. However, the lawyer cautions Shania that

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