Analysis Of She Walks In Beauty By Lord Byron

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Born in 1788, George Gordon Byron, commonly known as Lord Byron, was an English poet and one of the most famous poets of the romantic era. Romanticism was one of the most influential poetic movements in which brought Lord Byron into the literary forefront. Although he has many famous literary works, She Walks in Beauty is one of his most favourable poems. The poem was inspired by a woman wearing a mourningful dress whilst at a ball. Love is the overarching theme, focusing mainly on captivating love. This is seen by the overwhelming sense of his attention that is captivated by her and the fact that the woman seems unobtainable. Through his work, Lord Byron captured the reader's attention through the way he used literary devices and the way he represented different gender representations through the nature of love.

From the very beginning, the nature of love in She Walks in Beauty is alluded to be captivating. That is that the woman he sees is very attractive or interesting and that she is taking up all of this thoughts and attention. Typically in this time period, the beautiful women were blonde and pale, opposite to this is the woman portrayed in this poem. The comparison to night and day or light and dark, two completely opposite things, shows one really beautiful thing. In the first line the simile “like the night” (Ln 1) established the initial beauty he saw. In addition, the use of the personification in “tender light” (Ln 5) shows that through the woman’s beauty his
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