Analysis Of She Walks In Beauty By George Gordon Byron

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George Gordon Byron is probably one of the best known English romantic poets. Although Byron’s poetry was prominent urging the era he was writing, it was also often considered as immoral. Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” is “regarded as one of his loveliest short lyric poems”; his use of imagery, symbolism, and rhyme scheme allows the reader to experience the perfection of love. George Gordon Byron, also known as Lord Byron was born in London. He was born January 22, 1788. Byron was the biological son to Catherine Gordon and Captain John “Mad Jack” Byron. He was born with a clubbed foot. When Byron was little he tried to get it corrected. He had a crazy doctor that gave him traumatic treatments. After going through the pain, doctors then prescribed a corrective boot. Byron barely wore it though. In 1789 Byron moved in with his mom. She was emotionally unstable which took a toll on Byron. While getting his foot looked at and worked on a Presbyterian nurse got Byron to find a love for the Bible. When young he got into school, which helped him find the passion to read, and a passion for history. These experiences started his love for writing in the 1800s ( Lord Byron started writing in the 1800s. He was a poet that wrote Romance poems. Byron was so into this style of writing, because everything he wrote about pertained to his life
Cutlip 2 and feelings about certain things. This made him very popular. Romance was not a huge topic. Byron started to

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