Analysis Of Sherlock Holmes 's ' The Empty House '

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When Evil Arises there is Always Someone to Blame.
Sherlock Holmes encounters danger during all his investigations. He is threatened by the worse villains known to man. However, certain villains appear to be worse than the others. Holmes first confronts Professor Moriarty in “The Final Problem”. Moriarty cowardly sends his henchmen out to murder Holmes, because Holmes plans to overturn Moriarty and his violent gang over to the cops. Holmes merely escapes Moriarty’s traps. Given that Moriarty’s initial plans fails, he takes busy into his own hands. As a result Holmes flees the states to Switzerland with his companion Watson. Watson is then distracted, giving Moriarty the time he needs to finally take out Holmes by lunging at him. Taking Holmes by surpise Holmes and Moriarty both fall to their death. On the other hand, Moran has other plans to murder Holmes in “The Empty House”. Moran, Moriarty’s Lieutenant, plans to snipe Holmes throw a window from the house across the street from Holmes residence. Moran is getting revenge for the death of Moriarty in which Holmes fortunately escapes the fall. All villains are immoral, however some are more unpleasant than the others.
The author, from both stories, Arthur Conan Doyle, succeeded as an author, journalist, and a Doctor in England. In 1890, Arthur introduced the detective Sherlock Holmes in his first novel “The Study of Scarlet”. As he strived to spread his spiritualism, Doyle continued to write sixty other stories about
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