Analysis Of Sherman Alexe's Superman And Me

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As poet, William Blake once said, “Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence.” By the same token, I believe that all of the factors listed by Blake help us grow and become stronger. In Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie, the author talked about how he was different from what people expected him and other Indian children to be: stupid. Alexie shared his love for reading and how it all started before he even knew how to read, all because of his father. Because of his love for his father and his father’s love for books, he decided to love books as well. Doing so, Alexie had learned to read and began having a passion for reading. As mentioned in the…show more content…
As weeks passed by, I started to realize that what my sister had said was right; I started noticing the unpleasant side of her. She was not as friendly as she seemed on the first week of school. Being an observer, I noticed that she had curly hair, wore glasses, was occasionally late for class, and loved twinkies. Most importantly, I noticed a change in her attitude towards students; she was always easily angered. Each time she got furious, her face would turn as red as a tomato. As innocent of a mindset I had, I was proven otherwise. As an observer who often sees students getting in trouble for what they have done, I never would have thought that one day, the student would be me. I am unable to recall exactly what day of the year it was, but I remember what happened clearly. That day, everything seemed to go so well; I had a great day with my friends and the school day was coming to an end. Suddenly that evening, at 2:12 PM, my day began to get worse, as if I got jinxed. During passing period before my last class, I decided to go use the restroom and unsurprisingly, the girls restroom was packed. By the time I got to class, I remember clearly that I had arrived a second or two after the last bell had rung. That day, my teacher happened to be standing by the door during passing period and when I got to class she said, “I want you to write me a page on why you

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