Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's ' The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight '

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Culture is a system of how one self-identifies. The dominant culture sets the values and expectations of society ideals. When one tries to silently assimilate into the dominant culture without losing their heritage a Hybrid is created. Sherman Alexie’s combination of short stories, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, highlights the many struggles Native Americans face within their culture while trying to fit into the White culture. The telling of these stories reveals the Hybridity Native Americans have become; with the white ideals creating a people who are a part of two cultures but belong to neither. The use of traditional Native American names and images by the White culture perpetuates a blatant categorization of Native Americans that continues to marginalize them. Native American names including but not limited to the Sioux, Blackhawks, Seminoles, Redskins, Indians, and Chiefs are all current names held by high school, college, professional, and even some youth teams in White society. Along with some teams is a comical depiction of or even a mascot that is an Indian; which further mocks Native American culture by leading participation in dances, “War-Whooping,” and misuse of symbolism. Victor reflects on this cultural appropriation by stating, “Indians can easily survive the big stuff. Mass murder, loss of language, and land rights. It’s the small things [like this] that hurt the most,”(49). His thoughts have a humorous cover to the pain that is beneath
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