Analysis Of Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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The short story “Superman and Me,” by Sherman Alexie is a look back into his childhood to point out how and when he began to read. He also uses it as an outlet to show where reading took him in life. In this paper, I will attempt to give an overview of his thoughts and experiences, while also sharing my thoughts on it. In doing so, I hope to point out how reading guided him throughout his childhood, and into adulthood. He explains that his love for reading was his way of trying to save his life (Alexie 3). Reading is an essential function, that when used can help anyone excel into a growth far from what is expected. Mr. Alexie grew up on an Indian reservation outside of Spokane, Washington, with his parents and siblings. While they…show more content…
2). He goes on to say, “As Indian children, we were expected to fail in the non-Indian world” (1998, p. 2). As others were revered in the community and pitied outside of it for failing, he persevered, refusing to fail. This intestinal fortitude would shape him into the man he was to become. He lists of all the reading he did, and how much time he spent on it. It seems almost absurd to me that someone could read that much. But his love for books only had one purpose, and that was to save his life (Alexie, 1998, p. 3). He used them as an outlet to garner the knowledge to get out of that lifestyle, to find a job he was passionate about, and to make a comfortable living in the process. He wasn’t going to let social norms dictate his life. He felt a higher calling than what his society was accustomed to, and he was going to chase it, by any means necessary. He says, “Despite all the books I read, I’m still surprised I became a writer” (1998, p. 3). He transitioned his love for reading into a career of making works that others can enjoy. He uses his time devoted to teaching Indian children the art of creative writing. Harkening back to his childhood, he was never taught to write poetry, short stories, and novels (Alexie, 1998, p. 3). He wants them to experience the joy of putting pen to paper and creating something, anything that may be enjoyed. He goes on to say, “Books…Books…I am
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