Analysis Of Sherwood Anderson 's ' Hands '

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Sherwood Anderson
“Hands” is a short story written by Sherwood Anderson. The action takes place during the 1890s in Winesburg, Ohio, however, the writer takes you back to Pennsylvania for the reader to understand the background of the story. The tone of the writer is serious.
“Hands” deals with the psychological trauma suffered by Adolph Myers, who later adopts the name of Wing Biddlebaum after being driven out of his town in Pennsylvania by false accusations. I think we can see how emotionally hurt and mentally disturbed Biddlebaum is. When Willard asks him about his hands; Biddlebaum gets upset and remembers his students. “You hear them talk and you try to imitate them.” He made the use of the word “imitate” probably because his students jumped in the bandwagon of accusing him. “Here and there went his hands, caressing the shoulders of the boys, playing about the tousled heads.” When I first started reading about how caring he was for the boys, I suspected immediately of him. But the truth is that Adolph Myers didn’t have bad intentions. “The touching of the hair were a part of the schoolmaster 's effort to carry a dream into the young minds.”
What I dislike is the injustice committed by these parents and the people from the town. Instead of digging deeper to find out the truth they decided to blame him when there was a lack of evidence to support the facts. Things are not always what they look like and we should we careful of the things we say. It has been tested…
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