Analysis Of Siddhartha

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Life Lessons Siddhartha was laying down by the river contemplating life. What is the point of living when you just are not happy? Siddhartha passed out beside the river. Then his childhood best friend came along and waited till Siddhartha awoke and made sure he was ok and helped him get back on his feet. Keep in mind Siddhartha had changed a lot and at first Govinda did not even know who he was, but he stayed to help him anyway. That says a lot about a person. Siddhartha, written by Hermann Hesse, shows the ups and downs of life. Along the way Siddhartha has many tough challenges he encounters, but with the help of many teachers like Govinda, Kamala, and the Ferryman he learns many heartfelt lessons. One day Siddhartha came to his father…show more content…
“ I saw you lying asleep in a dangerous place, so I tried to awaken you, and then as I saw you were sleeping very deeply, I remained behind my brothers and sat by you”. ( Hesse 74) Govinda is such a good friend to Siddhartha. He is always there to help Siddhartha find his way. I think that Siddhartha realizes how much Govinda did for him after he reaches nirvana. Siddhartha in a way rewards Govinda for being such a good friend by giving him nirvana. Siddhartha is finally not just caring for himself. He is learning how to be very kind to others and help them along the way as the Ferryman did for him. After Siddhartha is at a very low point in his life he decides to cross over the river. There he sees a woman. Siddhartha has not seen a woman in a long time. He wanders into town and meets a beautiful lady named Kamala. Kamala is like an angel in the eyes of Siddhartha. Siddhartha begs Kamala to teach him how to love. At first Kamala is not really wanting to teach Siddhartha. She tells him that she only teaches this to men who have a lot of money, are nicely dressed, and clean. Siddhartha does not give up though, and he writes a poem for Kamala. Kamala is in love with this poem Siddhartha wrote and decides to help Siddhartha. “ He talked to her, learned from her, gave her advice, received advice. She understood him more than Govinda.” (Hesse 84) Along this very adventurous journey Siddhartha and Kamala fall more in love each day they spend
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