Analysis Of Siddhartha

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The book “ Siddhartha “ by Hermann Hesse follows main character Siddhartha of his exploration for knowledge and experience. Siddhartha travels to many places throughout the book, learning new things at each destination. Beginning with his friend, Govinda, they both set off to learn from the Samanas in the forest. As the book progresses, they both split onto their own paths of preferred learning. This leads Siddhartha on a majority of his expedition for knowledge. Learning many things from a variety of different teachers. This leads him through many new experiences and the wisdom he shows at the end of the book. Through his journey for knowledge, Siddhartha faces many challenges along his path. One of the challenges happens to him when…show more content…
This challenge is death or the will to die, as Siddhartha faces one of his lowest points after leaving the city, which is him willing to commit suicide. His willingness to die is caused by the effect of his life in the city, he hated how he had changed and as it's described,” There was nothing more than a deep, painful longing to shake off this whole confused dream, to spit out this stale wine, to make an end of this bitter, painful life.” ( Page 71) What it appears he is saying in this is that the only way he feels he can escape these previous experiences and life in the city is to kill himself. This is as well to escape the being he had now become, that he now hated, and that he felt he would never be able to escape, leave, and move onto a different life style once again. The only way he was able to escape his will for death and overcome this challenge was to return a bit more toward his routes and speak the word “Om” in Brahmin prayers and part of the first teachings he had learned.
Within the book, Siddhartha faces a third challenge involving the son he had with Kamala. Closer toward the end of the book, Kamala is making her journey to go see the dying Buddha with her son, During this process, she is bitten by a snake and killed by the river where the ferryman and Siddhartha work. This event leads to Siddhartha’s son now staying with him at the
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