Analysis Of Siddhartha 's ' Siddhartha '

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1. As Siddhartha, the protagonist, runs all around ancient India trying to reach complete inner peace within the Self (Nirvana), he finds himself living multiple different lives and meeting a few teachers that show not only different points of view on the world but also giving him the puzzle pieces to finally put together the puzzle of Nirvana. Siddhartha’s story begins around 644 B.C., about the approximate time of the Buddha in ancient India. Everyone loves Siddhartha: his parents, fellow Brahmins, women, and especially his closest friend, Govinda. All except Siddhartha himself. That is where the complication comes in, Siddhartha is dissatisfied with his life and wants to find the mysterious Nirvana and be completely spiritually enlightened. Siddhartha decides to that best way to reach this goal is to go out into the world and follow his inner Self. First, Govinda and Siddhartha spend about three years with the Samanas, a group of nomads that believe in a life of simplicity and destitution. From this they go to meet to the Illustrious One, The Buddha. Here is when the two friend depart and Siddhartha finds that to reach Nirvana he must experience life not be taught about life and the hardships and more it brings to people. Siddhartha goes out into the city here he meets a very kind and peaceful ferryman that gives him free passageway across the river. Here Siddhartha promises he will repay him one day, thus foreshadowing Siddhartha’s own future as ferryman and a life on
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