Analysis Of ' Siegfried And Brenda Abided By The Wishes Of Eagle Eye '

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Obediently and willingly, both Siegfried and Brenda abided by the wishes of Eagle Eye, refraining from trying to question or argue with him. Therefore, for the rest of the duration, they remained silent. Continuing with their walk alongside their contact, the two Jackbooters reached the concrete driveway at front yard of their contact’s residence. But just as they were about to make their way to the front yard’s porch, thinking they were going to head inside the house, Eagle Eye suddenly made a swift divergence in direction. Rather than heading to the front door, the contact went to the garage door at the side of the house’s garage area. He gestured at the two Jackbooters to–as always–follow his lead, without muttering even a single word.…show more content…
As soon as they were inside the garage with their contact, which turned out to be very empty–save for two large footlockers that were situated in the middle of the room. They appear to be big to store clothing and other sizeable personal effects. Looking at it made Siegfried and Brenda wonder what is inside those footlockers. “Well, now we’re in a place relatively safe from audible hearing, I think it’s now my turn to uphold my end of the bargain,” Eagle Eye said, recalling the agreement he made with Siegfried and Brenda. He calmly headed toward the footlockers that lay in the middle of the garage, with the two Jackbooters following him from behind. Not too long after, Eagle Eye then proceeded to open the two footlockers, revealing its contents. Thus, the contact allowed the two Jackbooters to see what was inside. Brenda got closer toward the footlocker, thereby allowing her to grab anything that was inside. While kneeling on her right knee, she pulled out what appeared to be the male and female uniforms of the Catholic high school Eagle Eye attended, from one of the two footlockers, she took a brief glance – a better view – at what was inside the other one. It turned out that there were some very enticing foodstuffs and other items that were highly sought after by both the factions of Brotzmanskrieg and the Jackbooters of the Plaid Prohibition. The total value of all the items inside the other footlocker, which was a rough estimate on Siegfried’s part at the
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