Analysis Of Silas Willard Elementary School

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Silas Willard elementary school is mostly populated with students that are white. Hispanic and black students are the next two ethnicities. There is a 57.4% of kids coming from a low income family, which is awfully sad because that is more than half the students. The kids with limited English is only about 3% so that shouldn’t really be an issue. It says only 5% are homeless which seems pretty low, but could be something that they could fix in the future. The mobility rate is pretty low at 12.5%. The student attendance rate is at 94% which I think is really impressive. I think that demographic wise, the children the issues seem to be pretty low, so I feel like there shouldn’t be too many challenges for them. The class size for this school…show more content…
This can impact the school in a negative way because they will eventually have to make the class sizes bigger which would be both harder on the teacher to be able to get more one on one time with the student, but it will also be harder for the students to focus and get enough individual attention. Also, with regards to the teachers missing it can affect the students because when there is a substitutes kids often do not try or they will get behind then the rest of the classes.
They have had three principals in the past six years. Which is huge and clearly there had to of been an issue when it came to that. Academic testing such as the PARCC test scores are extremely low. They have zero kids exceed and barely any kids even meeting the expectations. So I could expect maybe the kids to be a little troubled when it comes to test taking. This probably is detrimental to the school because I feel like a lot of people look at schools based these test scores. I think the school will be like a pretty average elementary school. I feel like there really does not seem like there is a whole lot wrong besides the test scores, and principal retention rate which both really stuck out to me a something that is an issue but that could be fixed.
The school’s website presents itself in a very positive and clear way in my opinion. The pictures on the front page of the website make it look like they are very happy and creative at this school. As I was browsing, I think that the school lunches

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