Analysis Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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One of the most popular authors of all time is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His work is still used as a base for many different types of media made today. There are dozens of books, television shows, and movies patterned after his most well-known series starring Sherlock Holmes, who was first introduced in the book “A Study in Scarlet.” This character that he created has become a household name in not only his home country but the rest of the world as well. Unlike most past authors, Doyle’s work was popular while he was alive, although not for the reasons that he preferred. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 to Charles and Mary Doyle in Edinburgh, Scotland. Despite his strict Irish-Catholic upbringing, Doyle owes much of his…show more content…
Soon after his first marriage in 1886, Doyle, a then struggling author, wrote a mystery novel now known as “A Study in Scarlet.” This work was published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual and was the first of sixty appearances of the famed detective, Sherlock Holmes. The following years, Doyle would become very active in the Spiritualist movement from 1887 to 1916 for which he wrote three books. Despite this, he was most widely known for his Sherlock Holmes series. In fact, Doyle attempts to kill off the character of Holmes in one of his books in order to focus more on Spiritualist writings, but was forced to revive the character in order to get more money for his missionary work. Two years before his death in 1930, Doyle published a compilation of twelve stories about Sherlock Holmes entitled The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (“Arthur Conan Doyle”). A Study in Scarlet follows Dr. John Watson, a veteran of the Afghan war who is now trying to fit back into London society. An old friend of his sends him in the direction of a man named Sherlock Holmes who is looking for a roommate. Soon after settling in, Holmes reveals to Watson what he does for a living, helping the police solve crimes as a consulting detective. Holmes then invites Watson to observe a murder crime scene with him. Despite his methods being tedious, Watson soon discovers that his roommate is a genius. Holmes’ use of subtle details reveals the shoe size, height, and finger nail length of the suspect of the
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