Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Symbolism is a literary technique used in the classic medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that is used to form a more captivating story and construct a deeper meaning to the plot. The color green certainly is a prominent color in the poem, especially with the Green Knight, who is literally green from head to toe. The Green Knight makes quite the entrance on his horse as he rides into Camelot disrupting King Arthur and his knight’s New Year’s Feast. The Green Knight has come to find out if the Knights of the Round Table are as loyal and honest as he has heard. The importance of the knight’s unusual color is obscure at first, but the significance of the color unravels the true meaning behind the peculiar knight. When Gawain accepts the Green Knight’s challenge, he begins a metaphorical journey that incorporates the traits that the color green symbolizes: ambition, growth and harmony. Sir Gawain accepts the challenge from the Green Knight when no other knight would step up. King Arthur originally offers to face the knight but Sir Gawain objects and says his life is much less significant than the king’s, therefore, Sir Gawain will risk his life. Even though Sir Gawain admits he may be the weakest knight, it is apparent that he is now seen as the bravest knight by taking the place of the king (Raffel 354-357). Sir Gawain certainly has a reputation to uphold and he takes this opportunity to show himself worthy of King Arthur’s knight. He appears to be fearless and…
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