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Sister Sister is an “American Southern Gothic thriller” film that was produced in 1987 by Walter Coblenz. Bill Condon was the director and co-writer. Condon’s fellow writers of this film were Joel Cohen and Ginny Cerrella. Sister Sister involves lies, betrayal, and a murder that is told throughout the movie in flashbacks, causing the characters to face their deadly secrets from the past. This film takes place near a mossy swampy area in Louisiana in a mansion on a plantation owned by two sisters, Charlotte and Lucy Bonnard. Their parents died, so the sisters decided to turn their family owned mansion into a guest home. Charlotte, who’s in her 30’s is in love with the local town sheriff, Mr. Cleve Doucet, but refuses his hand in marriage because she claims she has to take care of Lucy. Lucy is in her 20’s, struggles with a mental illness and has spent a few years of her life in an institution, and claims to see ghosts of the people who’ve died in the bayou near their mansion. Charlotte reminds Lucy daily to take her pills so she’s able to cope with this situation. Nearby, their mansion along the bayou is a shack, where a man named Etienne lives, he’s sort of the sister’s “maintenance man”, he helps fix things around the mansion for the sisters and has intimate feelings towards Lucy but Lucy doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. One evening, a mysterious man named Matt Rutledge arrives at the mansion with a reservation to stay awhile. The next morning Mrs. Beetlehelm, her

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