Analysis Of Sittig Libs 6991 Internship Reflection

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Sittig LIBS 6991 Internship Reflection
I began my MLS program two semesters before moving from a school-based technology facilitator into an elementary school media coordinator position. I served as a media coordinator for an elementary school three years before moving into the role of a district technology facilitator. In my current position, I work with a team of three other district technology facilitators. We each have a curriculum focus, mine is media. I work with media coordinators across the district and advocate for our district’s media programs.
It is with a heavy heart that I write this reflection. This journey has been incredible, and a learning experience that is only comparable to the total amount of time I have spent in
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As I began my internship at the middle school level, I had an expectation that middle school students would leisurely stroll through the library, check out books, and a media coordinator would assist students from multiple classrooms in doing research. I also envisioned the shelves would be filled with upper level chapter books and a large nonfiction section would prominently display books that support the various facets of the curriculum. This was not a fulfilled expectation.
The current media coordinator is pulled for various duties outside of the role that would be described within her evaluation rubric. Testing encompasses many days within the school year. She acts as one of the testing coordinators and is responsible for not only administering tests, but also as coordinating placement of students and collecting materials. She also acts as the in-school suspension teacher during part of the day, technology facilitator, and as a substitute for classes. Throughout her day, students and teachers constantly flow into the library for her to repair devices and troubleshoot programs. She also must cover classes during the day when teachers are pulled for meetings or other outside duties.
One advantage of the role a media coordinator plays in the school, is that she assumes a leadership position and provides input in the school improvement plan and is involved in creating policies at the school level. She handles some types of administrative

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