Analysis Of Situational Identity In Giovanni's Room

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In Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin utilizes David to emphasize situational identity. David’s situational identity causes him to put up a facade to fit into social constructs, while wanting to live an entirely different way. David is constantly lonely and fears permanent loneliness because he tries to please everybody, and causes him to never truly connect with any members of society. Evident in his every decision, David strives to please his surrounding peers and to fit into societal norms which decisions commonly contrast with his happiness. Also, David feels he must abide by the heterosexual standard his father has established by publicly proving his masculinity, with no regard for other parts he could be hurting or women he could be…show more content…
He claims to be, “staring at him, though I did not know it, and wishing I were he...he wore his masculinity as unequivocally as he wore his skin” (Baldwin, 92), which exemplifies David’s ignorant desire of pure masculinity. David’s desire is ignorant because he cannot properly define masculinity due to his father’s barbaric displays of it as a child. From a young age, David exemplified his clear disdain towards his father's adultery, alcoholism, and ways he treats women. His father’s despicable treatment of women shaped him to be uncertain about his sexuality, affected how he views masculinity, and inserted a sense of arrogance in David. He observed how his father believed he way “too good” to only be with one woman, so he constantly had affairs. Ironically, despite hating his father’s mannerisms, David covers his insecurity through arrogance and judgement of others as if he is “too good” to be in the presence of other people when in Paris. Therefore, David seems to be afraid of being alone, but he often appears most isolated when he is with other people because he cannot leave his facade to genuinely connect with anybody, and David ironically objectifies himself by discarding his personal desires and follows moral guidelines his father made for him. Further, from his barbaric masculinity, David’s father claims that all he wants is for David to become a real man (BULL SEX QUOTE). Overall, David’s

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