Analysis Of Slavery And Ethics Relevance

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Ki Lung Chan (A91427427) Natalye J. Pass DOC-100D 6/4/2016 Analysis of Slavery and Ethics Relevance to the United States Slavery remains one of the most disturbing phenomena to have ever occurred in the history of the human race. The word slavery continues to provoke mixed feelings from different people when it is mentioned. It is an infamous institution that can be defined as the first form of exploitation in history. The study of slavery helps in the understanding of how various people were forcefully moved from one geographical region to another. Most blacks were forced to leave their families to different countries such as America where their masters harshly treated them. About 95 percent of American Blacks that lived in the South by…show more content…
The new cultures, political, economic, and social practices have remained to be of great importance to the lives of people today. People such as Blackmon have looked at slavery in a different perspective in the book “Slavery by Another Name.” There is also the work done by Michele in the book “Roman Slavery and Roman Material Culture.” Morgan in his book called “Slavery and the British Empire: From Africa to America” also expounds more on what the institution slavery means. The occurrence of slavery was experienced by different religion, nationality, and cultures. Slavery is believed to cut across all ages beginning from the ancient days to the contemporary world. However, the effect of a slave on social economic and even political matters varies from one period to another (Morgan 2). Slavery and slave trade spread to numerous countries just before 1492 when Columbus came up with the New World discovery. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, colonies settled in America resulting in the creation of slavery and slave trade in British Empire. It is in the eighteenth century that British slave trade was at its peak. Several Africans were enslaved in North America as well as the Caribbean during the same period. There is need to note that there are various forms of slavery. Slaves were subjected to various activities such as construction, agriculture, armed forces, and many others. They were majorly recruited
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