Analysis Of Sleeping Freshman Never Lie By David Luber

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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a 2005 young adult novel written by David Lubar. The book tells the story of the high school experiences of a fourteen-year-old boy named Scott Hudson. The reader follows the character Scott through his journey of attempting to survive high school and trying to win over the attention of his crush Julia. While trying to deal with the realities of growing up, Scott’s mother announced she was expecting. The novel follows Scott's journey as he learns what to do and what not to do in high school, as well as, balancing activities, homework, friendships, and relationships with girls. Scott Hudson enters J.P. Zenger High as a freshman, along with his three best friends, Mitch, Patrick, and Kyle, where they soon realize they are no longer in middle school. Scott may have walked through the high school doors with his three best friends, but he would soon be all alone because he shared no classes with his buddies. Scott was placed in advanced classes, including an Honors English class which, despite the amount of homework, became his favorite class. Mr. Franka would become more than just a teacher, he would become a mentor to him in the story. Also, he soon realized that some people have changed, including a class mate named Julia Baskins who had become beautiful over the summer. Scott is soon connected every morning to another classmate, Louden, who is better known as Mouth. Scott is the narrator of book and takes the

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