Analysis Of Slow Dance By David L. Weatherford

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How often do you stop to take in the moment? Imagine a man who is not as happy as he wishes to be. He works a full time job, owns a house and is able to pay all his own bills. However, he comes home from work to his house every night just to make a quick dinner, watch television and fall asleep. On one of his days off he decides to take a trip to the park. He notices children playing, squirrels running through the grass, and trees moving in the wind. He pays attention to the bench he’s on, and the space he takes up. He remembers now he’s a living, breathing person. His worries are forgotten in this moment. This holds a powerful insight for happiness; take some time to enjoy the current moment you are experiencing. Being able to enjoy the little things is needed to be happy. This message is strongly conveyed in the poem Slow Dance by David L. Weatherford. The poem reads, “Ever followed by a butterfly’s erratic flight, / or gazed at the sun fading into the night?” (3-4).These two lines ask the reader if they’ve ever noticed they are being followed by a butterfly, and if they’ve ever watched the sun as it sets and becomes night. These can only be noticed by someone who has taken the time to do so. It is easy to completely miss events like this on a busy day. They are small observations that get filtered out of our experience because we prioritize more important things. The poem also states, “When the day is done, do you lie in your bed, / with the next hundred chores running

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