Analysis Of Snow Flower And The Secret Fan

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Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, was a very interesting and informative story. This book has given me more insight on how women in China were treated in the 1800’s. It is very detailed, and See did a wonderful job helping us imagine what both Lily and Snow Flower had to go through. I would feel how terrific and painful foot binding was as her words described the feeling. She really made me feel the heartbreak whenever someone would die or go through a tough time. I really enjoyed this fantastic piece of literature, and I believe that other people would enjoy the story also. Lily and Snow Flower’s relationship has ultimately grown so much from when they first met. They have been there for each other through every trouble they had…show more content…
Snow Flower and Lily almost never stopped writing to each other, and whenever they had good news coming from one another, they would feel the joy. For example, when they had sons, they felt as happy as the other person was. That is also a contributing factor to See’s message, because it shows their uprising as their happiness for each other increases. Nearing the end of the novel, Lily believed Snow Flower left her, and Lily was changed, because she was so heartbroken. She did not even want to see Snow Flower again. Lily believed Snow Flower destroyed their friendship, so Lily had ended it. Even though she thought it was the right thing it made her feel worse about herself, because her love for her laotong has never left her. The message, “love can be the reason to both our downfall and our uprising”, makes me believe that See conveyed it in the story with the characters’ joy, heartbreak, and betrayal. Today, we don’t have the same struggles as Lily and Snow Flower, but like I have mentioned before, people struggle no matter what century it would be. For younger people in middle school or high school, we are given the time to think about what career we want to do for the rest of our lives. Now even though people say that it’s better to follow your dreams and do your dream job, not all of us can. In today’s world we have

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