Analysis Of Snow White And The Huntsman

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The chosen film for a scene analysis is Snow White and the Huntsman. Directed by Rupert Sanders and released in 2012, the film is a dark take on the beloved fairytale classic, Snow White. Played by Kristen Stewart is Snow White, the film 's main protagonist. Next is the dark and evil Queen, the film 's main antagonist, portrayed by Charlize Theron. The film scene chosen is towards the end of the movie, prior to one of the larger scale fight scenes. Up until this point, Snow White, has traveled through the treacherous terrain of her home country to get to the last salvation of the lands, Duke Hammond 's castle. She has reunited with her childhood friend, befriended a band of dwarves, and convinced the Huntsman to help her save the country. Her childhood friend, William, played by Sam Claflin, has become a skilled archer and previously banded with Snow White 's enemy to find her. The Huntsman, originally sent to kill her has decided to stay with her because he recognizes many have died from the Queen 's reign, and a great many more will die if he does not take her to safety. He is played by Chris Hemsworth. The Queen, has ruled the country for some years, her vile ways, and dark magic has killed or destroyed much of the previously prosperous kingdom. Finally together, the group has continued its journey to the Duke 's castle. In their final stretch, the party has settled in for the night, surrounded by snowy expanses, but all the closer to their journey 's end. Snow White
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