Analysis Of Social Responsibility Report And Annual Report Of The Company

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Through the analysis of social responsibility report and annual report of the company, this essay uses the case analysis and correlation analysis to discuss the relevance between company’s social obligation and its economic performance. The article will first define the corporate social responsibility. Secondly, it will introduce the previous research and their conclusions. Then it will analyze the case of Lenovo. Finally, it will summarize the research results and give suggestions for enterprises about their social responsibility. 2. Literature review 2.1 Previous research about the revelance between CSR and economic performance The research conclusion of the relevance between corporate social responsibility and corporate economic performance is not similar. They can be mainly divided into three views. One view is that company’s social obligation has a negative relevance with the economic performance of companies; another view is that corporate social obligation can cut down transaction expenses, enhance the competitive power and the manufacture efficiency, finally it increases the company 's financial performance. Some literature studies think that there is no relevance between company’s social obligation and its financial obligation or the relationship is nonlinear. 2.1.1 Positive correlation Through the induction of literature, Weber (2008) proposed that the influence of the social obligation on economic performance and value system were in the following aspects.
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